Cuisine Spotlight

Filipino Cuisine

Filipino cuisine is finally getting the recognition it has long deserved. Subtle and aromatic, it combines its own unique culinary traditions and local ingredients with influences from cultures across the world. In fact, some call it the original fusion cuisine.

Centuries of trading with nations from China to the Pacific Islands, more than three hundred years of Spanish colonization and half a century of American rule have all left their imprint on Filipino cuisine. And yet, the people of the Philippines have long mastered the art of adapting ingredients or cooking methods, ensuring it remains authentically and unmistakeably Filipino.

So, what makes Filipino cuisine different? Well, unlike other Asian cuisines which usually get the spotlight, such as Thai and Vietnamese, Filipino dishes are rarely spicy and focus more on a deft balancing of sour, salty and sweet flavors. The result is fresh, tasty and unpretentious food in which each ingredient shines.


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